I started this website as a project to help people out in the community that may have a hard time to meet people, due to what may constrain them. I was inspired by an acquaintance whom would tell me all the time how hard it was and is to meet women. That got me thinking! There must be others just like him with the same constraints and there must be others with different constraints! It gave me an idea!

What if I could create a web site that would help people like my friend and others. WELL HERE IT IS! The site is special to me and I hope it will be special for you! There will be constant ongoing changes to the site as it grows. I will have to adjust things here and there but do not panic! It is for the better! Now that you have got this far let me explain a bit how it works.

There are CATEGORIES where you can see what these categories represent. When you sign in, you can select which ones you have interest. This will line you up with people with the same “constraints” I talked about. (you will see) If you went and looked already you will see we run a site for all types of people.

This is why we want you to understand the categories, so you get what things are all about! Hence “Life Without Stigma“. We shouldn’t have to hide or lie about something that constrains us in life, let it be open to people with the same constraints. This is why you have to be nice on this site, we will not tolerate hate of any kind! Be respectful! Its not easy for some people to talk about their constraints! Now that you understand a bit more, pick what constraints may be you and/or, that you are interested in choosing. There is also a section for people whom feel they have no constraints.

**One piece of good advice I can give YOU as a new user. DO NOT tell people your exact constraint unless you feel very comfortable and are making the correct choice by telling personal information! We are just here to help and seed for us lonely and constrained people. 🙂 **

Well I hope that helps some of you that choose to read the page! Take care and I hope to see and chat with you as time goes on! Click Here to register and sign up! Its Free for a year for a limited time! Just remember the site has to grow so have patience and take care! BFN! Ian

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