These Categories are to help give you a general idea of what they mean!

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Categories are not limited to what they say. This just helps you understand,

Where you may fit in for the site and what you may be looking for in a potential friend or partner!

Any suggestions for new or improved categories is welcomed!



  • Idiopathic Monkey Someone whom isn’t sure whats happening or why, but keeps on swinging those vines!

  • Not the Average Bear For those of us that have the larger things in life! (plus size people)

  • Unique Minds of an Owl For those of us that think different and have different habits! (ex. OCD, Bi-polar, Depression, PTSD etc)

  • Workaholic Ant For those of us that have no time due to work! (except here 🙂 )

  • Adventurous Cat For Those of us that like the excitement and always doing something! (sports, partying, extreme this…)

  • Pessimistic Sloth For those of us that take things slow and see the glass half empty!

  • Optimistic HyenaFor those of us that see the good in everything and the glass is half full and we are always laughing!

  • Physical Lion For those of us that have a physical constraint but we keep on ruling!

  • Senior Tortoise For those of us that have lived history and its moments!

  • Surviving Tardigrade Look this one up to see why! Toughest being there is! (could mean something like cancer, rare condition etc)

  • Big Bang GodzillaFor those of us like “Sheldon” from the show (Giant genius but not so great at social skills sometimes)

  • Misanthrope Wolverine Someone whom hates people in general due to whatever and “grows side burns” Just kidding on the side burns! (believe it or not there are quite a few people with this persona)

  • My Pet Dog Someone whom loves everyone and the universe no matter what!

  • Religious Hawk For those of us that have the freedom to practice religion and live by it!

  • Introvert Tiger Someone whom likes to be by themselves or one on one (possibly video game junkie, lol you know what I’m talking)

  • Extrovert Dolphin For those of us that don’t sit still too long and like to be around people most of the time!

  • War Hero ElephantSome of us are war heroes or veterans! (its a hard thing to deal with sometimes)

  • Transparent Jellyfish For those of us that “ALWAYS” tell the truth no matter how harsh it sounds (no time for lies hurts my intelligence)

  • Only Friends Chipmunk For those of us that want to be just friends for now..maybe more if I find the right person to share with!

  • Hulio Rooster Some of us think we are perfect and normal…(in my experience I have not found that yet)

  • Humble Bee For those of us whom are not financially rich but we get by and do what we enjoy in life!

  • Non-Religious Eagle For those of us that have the freedom to take a different path in life!

  • Androgynous in Transit chameleon For those of us that have found our true identity or just like to change it! 🙂

  • Raptor

    420 Raptor — For those of us that have an internal clock schedule to keep