I would just like to express without naming “sites” but all 5 major dating sites are owned by the same company (is that suspicious?) NOT HERE!

There will be no made up profiles we will build together in time! (only fake ones are mine for testing purposes but you will know these few, they say test)

Q 1. Is that really you in the Admin photo?

A. No! It is from an old VCR board game called Nightmare! (photo was for testing account at time)

Q 2. Is the site really free?

A. Yes 100%  Only time there may be charges are, 1. its costing me way too much to maintain site.  2. I will sell upgrades in the future for people that will add certain features and bonuses.  3. If there is ever a charge for memberships it wont be until the way future and it will be cheap cheap! Just enough to maintain site, programs and servers etc.

Q 3. How do I find the games in mobile chat app?

A. Go into your chat app and hit the 3 dots – – – on top,then scroll to the bottom and hit single player games (maybe in the future there will be multi player games)

Q 4. Is there anyway I can help or donate…?

A. Well donating..hmmm haven’t thought about that (do people really donate?) I don’t have anyway to do that but maybe if enough people want to for some reason (I know your kind and generous and like helping 🙂 I appreciate that!) I will put something up!  As far as helping goes…I will need moderators in the future!  Maybe that can be you! (It will come with a life time membership if I do choose you) but you need to apply to be a moderator I will post it in the forum when I need moderators

Q 5.  I am being harassed what can I do?

A. There is no tolerance for harassment!  If you feel you are being harassed, try to deal with it yourself and if that does not work contact the site at and I will be happy to investigate the issue!

Q 6.  What is a Hulio?

A. Lol, This is an urban legend!  It is someone whom is bathed in their own glory and there Aura or “Hulio” is too much for others to be in the presence of..So pretty well conceited 🙂  But not withstanding it can be a good quality to some!

Q 7.  Why can’t I log in with a social app?

A. Well…Quick answer is… This isn’t Facebook etc.  Don’t you want your own space?  You can always share site with friends, via the social buttons on top of pages and Thank You for sharing! 🙂

Q 8.  Why is the theme dark?

A. Because it looks cool! lol  The theme is dark because I like the contrast and it makes it nice and easy when its night time and/or by yourself!

Q 8.  Why don’t I see a city, state or country near me, when I select the fields in search box?

A  These fields will only populate if there is a user with these details.  If there is no user from Germany then none will show in box!

Q 10,  How do I delete my profile?

A  You can not delete your profile!  If you would like your profile deleted from the website just contact site with the email you registered with! (  This is for security for your profile and that’s why we do not let people delete profiles in case it got hacked somehow!


These FAQ’s will be updated as time goes,  I just have to wait and see!

If you think there should be a certain FAQ in here, Please post it in the forum under “Site Feedback”